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July 2023

Join Supra owners Laura and Jonathan Nelms – and Super-Guide Tamara from Living Roots Travel – for a 12-day trip to the birthplace of wine, khinkali, and khachapuri, where hospitality is practically a religion.

The trip starts in Tbilisi, the city National Geographic called “the world’s most Bohemian city.” There we’ll visit the underground wine bars, funky flea markets fashion boutiques, and top restaurants defining this astonishing capital.

From the capital, we’ll head east to spend three days in Kakheti, Georgia’s main wine region. You’ll have the chance to see up-close how grapes go from the vineyard to the qvevri.* We’ll taste wines and dine with winemakers at several of Georgia’s top labels, including Pheasant’s Tears, Chona’s Wines, Lapati, and more! We’ll also have our first supra, a celebratory feast complete with traditional toasts and songs.

From there, we’ll head to Kazbegi (see above) where the beauty of the mountains will stop you in your tracks. But not for long. We’ll hike (or go by 4x4) up to the Gergeti Trinity Church to burn off our khachapuri and take in the breathtaking sights.

Next we’ll head west where centuries-old winemaking traditions are finally recovering from the damage done by the Soviet period. In Imereti, we’ll spend some time in the village of Obcha with rising stars Baia and Gvantsa Abuladze

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* Don’t know what a qvevri is? You will soon! Our trip will include a visit to one of Georgia’s top qvevri-makers, and you’ll see plenty in action at the various maranis (wineries) we visit.